In a short span of nine years, An-Noor English School at Jogachak village of Kawakol block in Nawada district of Bihar has become one of the most reputed institutions of the district. The school serves more than 550 students from Play Group to Grade 8 by a team of 22 dedicated teachers. This school provides transportation services to children living in 14 remotely located villages. In the continued effort to provide safe and cold drinking water facility to all students in sweltering heat conditions, one more water cooler system was added to existing two water cooler systems in 2016. School is provided with Computer Laboratory and Projector facility to make teaching leaning processes seamless on ICT platform in accordance with present technological needs. To mitigate shortage of electric supply in the school, an Electrical Generator was added to this facility. The School focuses on Continuing Professional Development of its teachers with biannual capacity development workshops.

Rahbar Coaching Centre is a free tuition centers conceived by ‘Bihar Anjuman’ for students of grade 8, 9 and 10 belonging to marginalized sections of Muslim community. One such center is fully sponsored by us at Jogachak in Nawada district of Bihar. At present there are 100 students in Nawada center. Students’ performance in the state board examination has been highly remarkable with 100% success of students.

Since 2011, CWF started working and collaborating with Rahmani-30; which is a unique organization in Bihar preparing young and bright boys and girls of Muslim community, free of cost for the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) and Medical Entrance Examination (NEET). In 2016, we provided 80 bunk bed facility for its hostels fulfilling the needs of 160 boarders. In addition to it, Invertor with battery was provided to girls’ boarding facility for uninterrupted electrical power supply during preparation of their medical entrance examination.

Phuldih School has been supported by us since its inception in 1998 and working continually with it.  This boarding school has 35 full time students; We support in teachers’ salaries, food, clothing and all other expenses. This school also provides education to at least 160 students from the surrounding areas.

Two orphan students of Ishatul-Islam School in Bihar Sharif is fully supported by us, it includes boarding, lodging and all other major and minor expenses. This school is also provided with a teacher to teach local non boarding 160 students.

Forty Eight (48) Maktab schools are operating in Jharkhand and Bihar states.  We contribute in the salary of teachers manning these schools.  These schools provide basic education to more than 2,400 students. These schools are located in such areas where no proper education facility is available and these maktabs are the only source of education for children living in remote villages. We also supplied books, supporting goods and other necessary supplies to various schools in the states of Bihar and Jharkhand.

We provided Invertor and other related items in Deenbandhi School to make life of students and teachers easy towards achieving educational goals.

We also helped 5 other students for their higher education in college and university.