Eye Surgery Program is one of our longest running and successful programs. Under this program, health camps are organized and patients are selected for free cataract surgery. In In 2016, 10 health camps were organized in the villages of Kawakol, Rasul Nagar, Bihar Sharif, Madhopur, Miskaur, Sardala, Kumharwan, Moghlakhar, Akbarpur and Roh, it facilitated more than 2,300 patients for health check- up and selection of patients for cataract surgery resulting into successful 496 eye surgeries.

Immunization camps for Hepatitis-B and Tetanus are also organized under healthcare. A total of 1,114 Tetanus and Hepatitis-B vaccines were administrated to kids and young adults in Bihar.

Shifa Health Centre at Patna City was started in 2006 which has taken care of more than 4000 patients in 2016 at a cost of $ 2.72 per patient.  This clinic provides basic medication to all patients.  More than 15 other patients were helped in the form of care, surgeries and medication in the villages and towns of Jharkhand and Bihar.

Four permanent clinics in the suburbs of Karachi; Sachal Goth, Lassi Para, Goth Dhani Bakhsh and at Kamran Chaurangi are supported by us. These clinics together provided healthcare to more than 56,500 patients at a cost of less than $1.15 per patient in 2016. All these clinics provide 95% of all medication free of cost to their patients. We have started working to provide remote Laboratory services to our patients.

We also support Thalassemia patients on regular basis at Afzal Memorial Thalassemia Hospital at Karachi.