Ramadan and Eid projects covers  a wide array of programs. One such program is Ramadan Package Program to support entire family from the first day of Ramadan till the Eid celebration. This program provides all the needs of a home.  Such beneficiaries don’t need to buy even salt or matchboxes for that month.  It includes all groceries for the month and the clothing for the day of Eid for a family of  four to six members. It helped 186 families in different parts of Bihar and Jharkhand in 2016.

Sahoor and Iftar Package Program is another program in which raw materials for iftar and sahoor are provided. These packages are enough for two-person family for the whole month of Ramadan for two meals per day. It benefited 1278 families.

Eid Package Program is another program in which a chicken, milk and sugar are distributed a day before Eid so that financially challenged families can also celebrate Eid festival. In 2016, it brought joy to 1064 families.

In Fitra Program, rice  and flour are distributed in the first ten days of Ramadan. It supported more than 1700 families.

One program is Full Month Iftar Program in which cooked meals are provided to the families who are fasting and having tough time to get proper food to break the fast. In 2016, more than 20 such families were supported under this program.

Ice Distribution Program is a program started in 2015 to distribute free ice to fasting men and women to break their fast with cold soothing water in the hot summer Ramadan. It benefited more than 950 families.

To provide a decent meal, 17 Iftar Big Meals were arranged in different villages for more than 4,900 people.

Under Eid Clothing Program, 1642 women-clothing (Saries etc), 3004  young girls-clothing (Salwar suits ), 893 men-clothing and 1032 kids clothes were provided.

A day before Eid, animal Sadaqas are also done to provide meat to the families which usually don’t get sumptuous meal on other days.

Eid fairs for children are organized to provide free food and toys who are unable to celebrate Eid day in a special way. It made Eid day a big day of celebration for at least  5,100 children residing in the villages of Kawakol, Phuldih, Radhwa, Hasanpur, Lalpur and Najalli Bigha of Nawada district in Bihar.

More than 125 families were given  monetary support a few days before Eid to buy some items for Eid celebration.