Housing, drinking water and toilet facilities are always a challenge in small villages for families undergoing hardship of ensuring three times meal.  In 2016, CWF helped a few families to make a good living for life. Nine (9) concrete houses were built in the villages of Tikodeeh, Nematullah Dhamni, Hasan Pur, Telhatta Dhamni, Bhaluahi, Najalli Bigha, Satanpatti, Giridih and Kawakol.  All these houses have minimum 2 bed rooms, one toilet, kitchen and hand pump for drinking water. Under this project partially built homes are also completed as in Kawakol last year.

Getting clean drinking water is a huge problem in villages.   Twelve (12) Hand Pumps were installed in Bihar and Jharkhand that included above mentioned homes.

Thirteen (13) toilet facilities were built in the villages of Sabalbigha, Sundari, Amarpur and Bijho.  CWF always facilitate toilets having families with more young adult girls as it ensures hygiene and safety for the family.

Under this project, a room was built at An- Noor English School, Kawakol for collection and quick distribution of home lunch to its students. It also functions as fee collection and necessary supplies center for the school. A cold water cooler system with filter was also installed in this school benefiting hundreds of students every day.